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Following the cabinet meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the details of the 17-day full closure to be implemented between 29 April and 17 May. Immediately after the announcement, many businesses and tradesmen started preparations for closure. Before the curfew, which will start at 19:00 on Thursday evening and will continue for 17 days without interruption, the hairdressers have started their busy work for the shaving. The appointments until Thursday evening at the hairdressers, which reduce the customer capacity within the scope of corona virus measures in Sultanbeyli, were filled within hours. Stating that there was a great intensity before the full closure, the hairdressers said that they would be at work until the last moment.

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“Our customers shave the holidays 2 weeks in advance”

Hairdresser Muhammet Yavuz, stating that the appointments peaked due to the full closure, we learned that after the announcement of our President yesterday, the restriction of full closure will be applied. After this decision, requests for appointments skyrocketed. We are trying to train our customers on Thursday. There is an extreme intensity since 08:00 in the morning. Since there will be a restriction on closing during Ramadan, citizens shave the holidays 2 weeks in advance. We follow the pandemic rules and do the holiday shaves without harming our customers. Our appointments have already expired, ”he said.

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