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Koruyan, who has lived in Bodrum for about 15 years and has appeared in dozens of TV series and movies such as Cümbüşiye, Half-Serious, Wow, Wow, Gülermisin Ağlarmın, Köşe Kapmaca, Perihan Abla, started her artistic life with theater.

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Zeki Alasya, along with Metin Akpınar and Kemal Sunal, also supported the art works in Koruyan Bodrum, which frequently appeared in front of the camera.

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Artist Koruyan, who has served in trade unions and professional organizations in the field of revolutionary art and contemporary theater, and known for his democratic and opposing stance in the struggle for peace and democracy, was buried in Kızılağaç Mahallesi today.

His wife Serhan Koruyan said in her message, “I always remember you so happy, my dear companion, you let me know in your arms.

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