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Selma C, who was tried for 3 times aggravated imprisonment for “deliberately killing her children”, attended the hearing at the Adana 9th High Criminal Court via the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS).

Selma C’s At the hearing where his wife Cabbar C did not attend, the lawyers of the parties and the lawyer of the Ministry of Family and Social Services were present. .

The President of the Court asked the parties for their final defense since there is no other matter to investigate about the case.

Very disastrous! The scene died ettilertürki to

defendant Selma CA, said he was very sorry for killing her children in the last line of defense.

that my wife and deterioration of psychology for his wife’s family by systematically persecuted and tortured Selma C, who put forward, “I complained about my wife to the gendarmerie because of the violence she inflicted on me. However, I took back my complaint that they would take my children away, my home would be broken. I regret it very much. I wanted to commit suicide. I wish I died instead of my children. I did not do it arbitrarily. I did not really willingly kill my children. I am not someone to kill your children. I am not a murderous mother. ” He said.

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The lawyer of the defendant’s wife Cabbar C also stated that the defendant killed her children in order of age and planned the murders.

The lawyer of the defendant requested a new report to examine the mental health of her client.

The court rejecting the request of the defendant’s lawyer sentenced the defendant Selma C to 3 aggravated prison sentences for the murder of 3 children. There was no reduction in the imprisonment sentence.


Selma C, who lives in Geçitli Cumhuriyet District of Yüreğir district, was born on 21 October 2018 because of going to the wedding. Upon the argument with her and her husband’s support for her father-in-law, she closed the windows and locked the doors and killed her 3-year-old son Mahmut, 7-year-old daughter Semanur and 9-year-old Mehmet Emin with a knife, respectively, in the corridor of the house, and then attempted suicide by cutting his wrists.

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