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Fraudsters who posted home packaging advertisements on platforms where employers and job seekers matched, pulled money from hundreds of people.

A shipping fee of 7 lira was requested from those who applied to the mask and slipper packaging advertisement. After receiving the fee from hundreds of applicants, they disappeared. It is stated that only 200 people applied to one post within hours, and there are dozens of ads in the title.

Fraudsters continue to attract citizens to their networks with a new method every day. This time, their target is those who want to earn additional income by working from home. Fraudsters first post “mask and slipper packaging at home” on social media networks and platforms where employers and job seekers meet. The purpose of these advertisements is to offer an attractive job opportunity to people who are unemployed due to the pandemic and who are trying to support the family economy by working from home.

A shipping fee of 7 lira per person is charged

Later, people who contacted citizens who applied to these advertisements demand that they will send them the products they will pack, but that they pay a shipping fee too much for this. Fraudsters who send account numbers to citizens who want a job demand 7 lira for each job from the other side. It is stated that the earning will vary according to the work to be done. However, after paying the shipping costs, citizens cannot get a return.

The amount is small but the number of applications is high

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Stating that these posts are made in all kinds of media where job postings are shared, Mert Yıldız, the founding partner of the business, said, “7 TL seems like a small fee at first glance, but only 200 applications are received in 2 hours for one job. And there are countless advertisements in dozens of channels in this way. This has grown too big now. There are even fraudsters who ask for a shipping fee of 1 lira. However, by doing these, they are playing with the hope of people’s business. During this period, most people are ready to do anything to support their homes, but they are working both their hopes and their time.

Criminal complaint filed

Stating that they acted rapidly regarding these fake advertisements on their platforms, Yıldız said, “We took action rapidly with the first user notices sent to us and followed the trail of the ads posted by these people. We filed a criminal complaint about these fraudsters by forwarding the information and documents we collected to the prosecutor’s office. In this process, the biggest victims are those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Harassing by posting

Mentioning that one of the biggest problems of job seekers is the victimization of job postings during the process of finding a job, Mert Yıldız said, “Women experience great difficulties. Some people open job postings for their companies and harass women who apply later. When we look at the statistics, construction and auto galleries are the leading sectors in which the companies that do this operate. We also prevented these sectors from posting advertisements. In addition, artificial intelligence detects messages sent with malicious intent and expels the user from the system, ”she said. Source: Hürriyet

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