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According to the information obtained; At around 11:00 pm, during the patrol, the guards of the Çarşı and Neighborhood noticed a person lying motionless on the ground at the entrance of an apartment building. Health teams, who were sent to the region upon the notice of the bazaar and neighborhood guards, determined that the person died. In the investigation made by the police teams, it was determined that the person who lost his life was Erdal Taşbaş, 37 years old.

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The cry of Taşbaş’s mother, who came to the scene, caught hearts. After the examinations, Taşbaş’s lifeless body was taken to Pamukkale University Hospital for autopsy. Taşbaş is thought to have committed suicide from the stairwell on the 5th floor after the process of asking for water from his neighbor upstairs during the night.

Alleged psychological problems

It was claimed that Erdal Taşbaş, who is a music teacher, recited the adhan from the balcony of his house at 18.30 in the evening and then shouted “God, I’m coming to you”. In addition, it was learned that Taşbaş had been treated at Bakırköy Mental and Mental Diseases Hospital and Denizli State Hospital in the past months.

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