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Police raided the entertainment venue in Çiğli district of İzmir, which should have been closed within the scope of corona virus measures. While a customer posed for the camera he saw in front of him during the raid, the owner of the entertainment venue and customers were fined 177.263 liras in total.

Çiğli District Police Department teams visited an entertainment venue on Yeni Mahalle Eski Airport Street yesterday evening. the raid was held. Upon the notification that the entertainment venue, which should be closed within the scope of corona virus measures, was open, the teams took security measures around the place. Teams that got inside after a while made individual customers’ identity inquiries. A total of 142.263 lira was fined for violating the restrictions on social distance, masks and curfews to 27 people inside, and a fine of 35 thousand lira was fined for the owner of the workplace.

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While the police teams continued their operations inside and outside the venue, some customers reacted to the journalist who took the image. One of the clients posed for the camera that recorded him, while other people who noticed the situation reacted with a laugh.

This is not the first raid

Also, April 3 A total of 69 thousand 960 lira for violating the curfew restrictions and violating the social distance rules for 22 people inside, and 300 lira for smoking in a closed environment, It was learned that a fine of 70 thousand 260 liras was cut.

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