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There was a disaster in Osmaniye. One of the 4 children who fell into the irrigation canal died in the hospital where they were taken, while 2 children died in the water.

According to the information obtained, in the Kırmıtlı village of the center where families who came to Osmaniye as agricultural workers from Şanlıurfa stay 4 children than to wash one hundred hand while trying fell into the water channel.

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the other guys on the edge of the channel on it, jumped into the canal to save the falling child. A villager, who noticed the children fluttering in the water, managed to get Sadık Karataş (10) and Şükran Karataş (9) out of the water. Narin Büyükçay (15) and Remziye Büyükçay (9), on the other hand, disappeared by the current. Upon the notice, the health, gendarmerie and AFAD teams were dispatched to the scene. Sadık Karataş (10) and Şükran Karataş (9), who were taken out of the channel while they were about to drown, were taken to various hospitals in Osmaniye by ambulance. A special hospitalized children Sadiq Karatas (10) died kurtarılamayarak made despite all the interventions.

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Depending on the Adana Police Department to find two children lost in the Channel divers cops and Adana Provincial Gendarmerie Divers from the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) under his command searched the canal for 10 kilometers. While there were no traces of two missing girls, search and rescue efforts were suspended as the weather got dark. The search for girls lost on the channel will continue tomorrow.

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