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The 55-year-old retired miner with a lively heart hanged himself on the balcony of his house on the top floor of the two-story building in the morning. In the incident where the heart of his family was burned, the neighbors preferred to record the incident on their phones.

In the incident that took place on Karadeniz Street in Terakki Mahallesi in Zonguldak, retired mining worker Mehmet Ş. (55) went out to the balcony in the morning. The man, who tied the clothesline in his hand to the iron bars on the ceiling of the balcony, then hung himself. When his family noticed the situation, the 112 emergency medical teams, who were called to the scene, determined that Mehmet Ş. Lost his life.

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He earned 700 thousand lira, saying “You have a jin” The team affiliated to the Branch Directorate made an examination at the scene and collected evidence. Citizens who came to the area where the balcony was located and saw the lifeless body of their neighbors recorded the terrible sight on their phones.

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