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Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir was the guest of Face to Face, presented by Metehan Demir on tv100.

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir answered the questions of Journalist Nedret Ersanel, Security Expert Abdullah Ağar and Ceyhun Bozkurt in the program.

Turkey’s space program

Speaking about Turkey’s space program İsmail Demir; “When we say space studies in the defense industry, they will play a role in all of them, whether they are launching systems, satellite technologies, spacecraft that can maneuver in space, and various tests are carried out gradually,” he said.

Turkey’s release in the F-35 program

Speaking about Turkey’s exclusion from the F-35 program, İsmail Demir, President of the Defense Industry, said, “Maybe you will hear it for the first time,” when he realized that Turkey could not be excluded in this 9-partner program, he set up a new table and signed a new agreement. They will leave Turkey alone by signing this agreement with other partner countries except Turkey. There is such a strategy, “he said.

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“Too much addiction on F-35 aircraft”

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir emphasized that various malfunctions on the F35 can be fixed, it will reach a certain level, but it is a system that will create a very dependency and make it extremely difficult for you to step independently from the main owner of the aircraft.

Can we sell SİHAs?

İsmail Demir Nedret Ersanel asked “Can we sell armaments?” “Yes, we can sell. There is really a lot of demand for the issue of selling. Not only SİHAs, but also other products, they find the opportunity to sell and attract attention.” replied in the form.

“They see who has power on the field”

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said, “You saw the shots of the Akıncı UAV. So let’s keep silent on the comments about the change in the balance of power. Let them think that the balance of power has changed. We don’t want to much, but the day the power needs to be shown on the field, they will see who has the power.”

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