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The smell of gas felt in Istanbul at midnight in the coastal towns of the city caused panic. As a result of the investigations, it was revealed that the smell had spread to the surrounding districts due to a leak caused by a natural gas tanker ship. Citizens reported a natural gas tankers in the ship’s itinerary due to leakage of the ship and surrounding counties to spread it turned out that the said their examination results in the gas smell of over IGDAS team at 02:00 waters cruising hunters direction from the open Bakirkoy.

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Saying that she went to the Avcılar beach for jogging, Mehmet Ayyıldız said, “I usually go for a jog here every morning. Today, when I went for a run, there was an intense smell of gas around 02:30, but it was up to a certain point. There was gas up to a certain point, after a certain point the smell of gas disappeared. Then the smell stopped at around 03:30 – 03:45. But we do not know where and what originated from. While I was running, I saw that if there is a natural gas leak from right to left, we could notify the relevant points, but we could not see it, of course there was a large amount. There was a smell, but I didn’t technically know where it came from. During the run, there was a cargo ship approaching the shore. But for what purpose, for what reason, I do not know that it is approaching the shore here. As a citizen, we looked at the sea as if it was pouring oil, but we couldn’t see anything. Already smell was completely absent after going vessels, ” he said.

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Intensive smell of gas was heard

” Massive amounts of a there was a smell of gas. I wonder if there was a leak because we were following in the media before, there were explosions due to gas compression. That’s why I stopped running halfway. Normally, my running took longer, but after I smelled that gas, I quit the run because I was anxious. ”
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