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A woman was murdered with a shotgun in front of her husband’s eyes at her workplace in Bucak district of Burdur.

According to the information obtained, Ramazan T. came to the deli where Hatice Işık (28) worked and fired 3 shots at the young woman . His wife Mehmet Işık, who was with Hatice Işık at the time of the incident, jumped on Ramazan T. and managed to take his shotgun from Ramazan T. He told the murder suspect Mehmet Işık, “I’m not done with you. He fled from the scene after he said, “We’ll see you”.

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Citizens in the vicinity informed the 112 Emergency Service and police teams about the situation. The young woman died despite all the intervention of the 112 Emergency Healthcare teams who came to the scene. The body of the young woman was taken to Bucak State Hospital after the public prosecutor who came to the scene. The relatives of Işık, who came to the workplace where the young woman was working after hearing the incident, had a nervous breakdown. Mehmet Işık, whose wife was shot in front of his eyes, said, “I took the gun from his hand. While the killer was running, I could not intervene. I was shocked. I was speechless. I couldn’t do anything. I got the gun. Meanwhile, he ran away ”.

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The murder suspect, Ramazan T., who killed a young woman by firing 3 shots, was caught in the garden house in Sazak as a result of the successful efforts of the police forces. It was learned that the murderer suspect, who was taken into custody, will be taken to court tomorrow after his testimony at the police station.

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