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Residents of Soğukpınar Neighborhood in Çekmeköy, Istanbul claimed that they opened their iftar 10 minutes before the call to prayer was read early.

According to the claims of the residents of the neighborhood, the evening prayer was read 10 minutes early in the Hacı Yüksel Erdoğan Mosque in the Soğukpınar District. . It was claimed that some residents of the neighborhood who heard the adhan had their iftar early. Shortly after the call to prayer, it was recorded that the imam made an announcement in order to warn him about it. When he heard the adhan, we had our fast “ he said.

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Emrah Yıldız, who lives in the neighborhood, said, It was read about 10 minutes early. Everyone was surprised and went to the balconies. Then our mosque teacher went out again and announced. He said that there was an error and that there was 10 minutes left for the adhan. Then when the time came, the adhan was recited again. Of course, when he heard the adhan, naturally around us, he said “.

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Another neighborhood resident Sait Cansiz, I went out and the call to prayer is being read. I looked at my watch, there are still 8-9 minutes. I was not hungry, but our bride was almost eating. I turned on the TV and it was time. Therefore, I did not break my fast.
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