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A tourist swimming in the world-famous Konyaaltı Beach of Antalya found a body underwater. The man who said that he saw a body underwater for the first time in his life stated that he was afraid. On the other hand, it was noteworthy that the tourists sunbathing on the beach watched the removal of the body as if nothing had happened.

The incident took place in Antalya’s world-famous Konyaaltı Beach around 15:00. According to the information obtained, Nima Şerbetzade, who came on vacation from Iran to Antalya, entered the sea with her goggles on the beach. The man swimming on the sea surface for a while saw an object underwater. The man, who dived into the water with the help of glasses and realized that the object he saw was a corpse, reported the situation to other citizens on the beach. With the notification of the citizens, many police teams were sent to the scene. From the sea, the Coast Guard Command and naval police team came and tried to clarify the scene.

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The game of the 10-year-old cousins ​​with a rifle ended with death. In the examination, it was determined that the body belonged to Ali Yılmaz (45). In the investigation conducted by the police teams at the scene, it was learned that the person came to the beach in the morning and went into the sea and disappeared after doing it. The bag found at the scene was taken to the center by the teams. Police’s extensive investigation into the incident continues.

Nima Şerbetzade, who first saw the body underwater, said, “I saw a body with glasses while swimming. He was a male 40-50 years old. She has a dress. I came, I informed these friends. They also looked. I was a little scared. It looked like a statue. ”

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Another eyewitness, Saim Duman, said, “Friend said there was a body in the sea. He was lying face down. He entered the morning. His bag was here. Police teams came and took his bag. The man drowned or committed suicide. We don’t know either. ”

The body was removed from the Morgue of the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute after the police teams examined it at the scene.

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