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The teams, which took extensive security measures in Aksaray in the curfew restriction applied within the scope of the fight against the Corona Virus epidemic, are carrying out an effective struggle with the slogan “State nation hand in hand, Fight against the Corona Virus” initiated by Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu.

Within this framework, teams of all institutions and organizations such as Police, Gendarmerie, Provincial Disaster Emergency (AFAD), National Medical Rescue (UMKE) medical teams carry out inspections throughout the city and inform the people of Aksaray. While AFAD teams traveled street by street with their vehicle, both supervising and informing, Down Syndrome little Burak swinging on the swing in the park in front of his father and his house felt anxious due to the announcements made.

Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu, who saw the uneasiness of the special child through social media, immediately took action and made a special surprise visit to the special child Burak, together with AFAD Director Cezmi Türkmen, Director of National Education Hacı Ömer Kartal, Secretary General of the Provincial Special Administration, Yüksel Çelik and the teams. . Governor Aydoğdu, who visited Burak with his family at his home, took care of the special child and took all his anxiety and expressed his regret over the incident by giving information about the work done and the measures taken during his meeting with his family.

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“It is a virtue to apologize, to be able to say you are right”

Making a statement here, Governor Aydoğdu said, “We have been fighting the epidemic for more than a year. We have been deprived of everything, most of our loved ones. The whole world is going through hard times. We are on the field by making all kinds of sacrifices, especially with our healthcare teams, security, AFAD and all our units. We all have one goal. Leaving these days behind with the least damage and cooperation. From time to time, unintentional resentment and resentment can occur. After all, we are the residents of the City-i Süleha. We should be able to say the “human condition”. We are a huge family together. We raised our blood sugar with baklava. But hugging Burak, even sweeter, took all our tiredness. In addition, there are thousands of ways to speak, understand, and be virtuous. We did one of them on the occasion of our son Burak. He said, “Sorry, you are right too.”
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