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The accident occurred on Fevzi Çakmak Boulevard in Pamukkale district. According to the information obtained, the driver of the Nissan brand car with the plate of 45 S 5445 lost control of the steering and hit the concrete leg of the pedestrian overpass in the median. The automobile, which was considered to be extremely fast, broke down the iron barriers and went to the opposite lane with the effect of the crash. At that time, 20 AAT 348 plate Mercedes fell in front of the van under the direction of Selçuk Uzunay, who was advancing in the other direction. Suddenly seeing the car in front of him, Uzunay’s entire effort was inconclusive and hit the car.

It was brought back to life on the way to the hospital

Upon his notice, many police, health and fire brigade teams were dispatched to the region. Firefighters rescued the driver who was stuck in the car and did not have an identity card and handed him over to the medical teams. The driver, who was seriously injured and half of his body was removed from the windshield of the car, was taken to Pamukkale University Hospital by medical teams. The driver, whose condition was critical, died on the way to the hospital. It was brought back to life as a result of the intense efforts of the health teams. While the minibus driver, Uzunbay, was hospitalized by the medical teams, it was learned that he was in good health. The life threatening of an unidentified car driver continues.

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“We are shocked when we get ahead”

Minibus driver Selçuk Uzunbay’s uncle, Cuma Uzunay, who was with him at the time of the accident and survived the accident unscathed, told about the fearful moments. Stating that they suddenly saw the vehicle ahead and were shocked, Uzunay said, “We were continuing on the road. The vehicle from the opposite lane suddenly fell in front of us and pierced the barriers. The thought of us was shocked, we couldn’t understand what was happening, and it was momentary. I guess someone died, his condition was bad and the places were blood. My nephew was taken to the hospital by ambulance. God bless you. It probably happened because it hit the iron barriers. My nephew had come to pick me up from where I left off to take me to the dental hospital. ”

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