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In Fatih, the 19-year-old suspect, who tied the hands of the person he went to his house and strangled him, surrendered to the police station. The suspect was arrested and sent to prison. In addition, it was learned that the suspect went to his mother and asked for halal before surrendering.

The incident took place on Wednesday, April 28 in a house in Molla Gürani District. According to the allegation, Ercan M. (19) met Ahmet Özkul (45) in a park near his house.

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After chatting for a while, the couple decided to drink alcohol together. Thereupon, Özkul invited Ercan M. to his home. Ercan M. and Özkul, who had been drinking alcohol for a while at home, started to argue for an unknown reason. As the argument turned into a fight, the suspect Ercan M. strangled Özkul to death. The suspect, who tied Özkul’s hands with a T-shirt after he was killed, immediately locked the door and left the house.

He asked his mother to be halal

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Ercan went to his family’s house in Esenyurt. It was alleged that he said to his mother, “Halal your right, I did something bad.” The suspect went to the nearest police station after minutes and said, “I strangled someone to death three hours ago. Esenyurt District Police Department teams went to the address in question and encountered the body inside the house. Following his confession, Ercan M., who was previously reported for 43 crimes such as sexual abuse, sexual harassment, deliberate injury and theft, was detained.

He was stuck in the waste clothes box, waiting for help! Turkey

3 He was sent to the prison where he was released months ago. The suspect was arrested by the judicial authorities where he was taken out and sent to prison.

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