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Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that a 100 million lira support package would be given with his share on his social media account, announced that more than 232 thousand families would benefit from the support. While the social solidarity campaigns it initiated are growing like an avalanche, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its support for the citizens in need with the understanding of ‘social municipality’.

The cabinet meeting has started: Will a new measure come? What are the measures to be taken during the holiday? Will explained fully closed? Turkey

pandemic period, needy citizens increased on social assistance for families that gospel to the artisans who lost their jobs during this period and industry professionals Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow, 232 thousand 351 families to 100 million TL support package they prepared Yavaş, who started his speech by saying “Dear Family” and stated that they have implemented the Başkent Card project, also shared the details of the support package:

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Famous musician Asım Ekren has lost his life “We are implementing our Başkent Card project, which we promised before the elections, where our families receiving social assistance can benefit civilized from the support. In this way, the buyer in Ankara will no longer see the hand that gives a hand, a merchant will not be rich, the aid economy will spread to the whole city and families will be able to freely choose the products they need, not standard packages. On this occasion, I would like to explain to you, as the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, our 100 million lira big support package during Ramadan. We will define 400 TL for each Capital Card of 113 thousand families whose printing and distribution has been completed. We will pay 400 lira in cash to 18,500 people, consisting of industry representatives and employees, and tradesmen whose income decreased due to the pandemic.

Crypto currency exchange warning from Özgür Demirtaş: Officially grenade Stating that they will be informed via message, Yavaş continued his words as follows: “Thanks to this new support approach, all of our tradesmen in the districts will benefit from the economy that is loaded on cards or invested in cash. This week, we will complete the distribution of food parcels of 470 lira to 100 thousand 851 families who are left after the card printing holiday phase and our citizens in need. Thus, in the month of Mubarak Ramadan, we will provide 100 million TL to 232 thousand 351 families. ”Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş also thanked all benefactors who supported the“ 6 Million One Heart ”campaign, which he started again on April 1st.

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