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During the technical and physical follow-up of the Ankara Police Department’s Fight Against Financial Crimes Branch teams for about 2 years, a fraud gang of 106 people was detected. Last week, the gang, who defrauded many people with the promise of selling public land, organized a ‘land hunter’ operation in 14 provinces simultaneously.

In the operation, the leaders of the organization Hasan Y., Turhan B., Gökhan Y. and 5 land registry officers. 106 people were detained, including 4 lawyers, 2 police officers, 1 specialist sergeant and 1 engineer. 8 vehicles, 40 workplaces, residences, land and 30 million lira belonging to the members of the organization, which was determined to defraud 160 people for 300 million lira, were seized.

His uncle abused! Unbelievable defense from the victim’s father! Turkey

From the land registry office to the gang leader

54 of the suspects whose procedures were completed at the police station were released. 52 people were transferred to the courthouse. While 20 people were arrested with a court decision, 32 people were released under judicial control.

He was selling luxury vehicles in the gallery he opened.

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The gang leader Atakan Avcı, 1 month It was learned that he was first arrested for ‘fraud’ and sent to prison. It was determined that Atakan Avcı’s main occupation was the land registry office, leaving his civil service and forming the gang. It was also stated that Avcı gave the gang his own surname. It was determined that Avcı lived a luxurious life with the money he defrauded from the victims before he was sent to prison, owned real estate and sold luxury vehicles in the gallery he opened.

The truck turned the street into a war zone! Turkey

The cleaner is also in the gang

On the other hand, it was learned that Hasan D., one of the gang members released under judicial control, was a member of the gang about 1 year ago while working in the cleaning company. It was revealed that Hasan D., who made great profits after a short period of time with his activities within the gang, established his own company, concentrated on car buying and selling business, got on expensive cars and led a luxurious life.

In addition, the gang members. , by using the public officials they are in contact with in the title deed directorate, it was determined that the civil servants went to the area where the transaction was made, and they took action like a civil servant and handed over fake title deeds to the victims. It was also determined that the gang members had fun by closing the nightclub with the money they defrauded.

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