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The secret behind Faruk Fatih Özer, the owner of the crypto currency exchange Thodex, who allegedly fled abroad with millions of dollars, is opening. It was learned that he left the house without giving or even collecting his belongings.

Father Zülküf Özer, in his last meeting with his son , said, “He came home last Sunday. We had an iftar together. It was a little calm. He did not say he would go ” used his words.

Operation to crypto exchange company Vebitcoin! 4 people detained! Turkey

Faruk Fatih Özer plane ride from Istanbul Airport on Tuesday without telling anyone went to Albania. Thodex users started to post messages on social media that they were scammed. His brother, Güven Özer, waited at his house until the last minute.

One day before the operation was carried out, he said to Hürriyet, “He shot us as well,” he said for his brother. This was the breaking point. As the news spread, all family members evacuated their homes. Güven Özer, whom we called when the police teams started the operation, hung up the phone saying “I do not want to talk” in a sad voice. His phone could not be reached again.

Police teams raided the addresses in Kurtköy where Güven Özer and his family lived. However, no one could be found at the addresses.

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“He took his wife and two children and left here”

Güven Özer’s house in Beyazavler Site in Kurtköy 2 Site keeper Ali Nakay, who explained that he rented it years ago, I saw it last Tuesday. In the evening, a person in a black suit came. After talking for a while in the garden, they left together. I did not see it after that. He took his wife and two children and left. Police teams that arrived early in the morning could not find anyone at home either.

Father Özer, “I learned what happened on TV. I could not meet him. He didn’t call me. I do not think such a thing is possible, nor do those who know it. He came for iftar on Sunday, we had fast together. It was a little calm. He said he had minor problems. He said, “Pray.” He used the expressions ‘I can find a partner’ .

“He did not tell us that he would go”

Zülfikar Özer, My son lived with us. He did not tell us that he was going to go or anything. He did not collect his belongings. He did not come home much during the pandemic because we had elderly people at home. He was staying at the house in Maslak. ” said.

Yet It is not clear

It is not yet clear how Faruk Fatih Özer, who allegedly fled with about $ 2 billion, got the money of investors.

Source: Hürriyet

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