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The American media claimed that US President Joe Biden was preparing to acknowledge the so-called Armenian genocide.

In the special report of The New York Times, a US official who was aware of the talks of the US Senate announced that President Biden had decided to issue the declaration and claimed that the foreign embassies in the government were ready to wait for this development.

The Wall Street Journal noted that no final decision or briefing took place, and Biden may choose to publish a symbolic statement like other presidents.

According to the allegations contained in the Associated Press, United States, which is one of the most critical issues for the Armenian genocide in Turkey is stepping flash and is preparing to accept the bill.

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According to the information that the AP has based on US officials, President Joe Biden will accept the accusation of the murder and deportation of Armenian citizens who lived in the Ottoman Empire friendly for thousands of years in a way that constitutes genocide.

US to take a step back carrying a tense political process with Turkey and changing its mind Biden also spoken in the lobby.

Members of parliament and Armenian-American activists press Biden to make the announcement on or before April 24, which is considered the so-called Armenian genocide commemoration day.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said the administration would have “more to say” on Saturday and did not provide any further details.

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