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Parliamentary Research Commission on Global Climate Change, chaired by the AK Party Afyonkarahisar deputy Veysel Eroglu.

Akca, Turkey Water Institute President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mete Saatçi, METU Environmental Engineering faculty member Prof. Dr. Ülkü Yetiş made a presentation to the commission members.

Lütfi Akca said that the risks of floods and floods will increase with the effect of climate change. “A city security problem may arise. Floods become unmanageable with current engineering approaches. Against these risks, it is necessary to keep the rainfall not where it floods, but where it falls. Flood prediction and early warning systems should be installed in risky areas.” Explaining the importance of water management, Akca emphasized that local governments should also prepare a water security emergency plan by participating in this process.

Akca said, “Our lakes and wetlands are gradually drying up. Forests and wetlands. The National Lake and Wetland Management Strategy and Action Plan prepared during the period of the Ministry of Water Affairs have not been effective on the institutions. Investment plans should be planned by taking the hydrological basin into consideration. Water level measurement in lakes should be made widespread. ” used expressions.

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Prof. Dr. Ülkü Yetiş: There may be an increase in diseases such as cholera

Yetiş said that drinking water quality will tend to deteriorate in the upcoming period. Stating that organic and inorganic pollutants can be transmitted to drinking water, diseases spread by water may increase accordingly, Yetiş said, “There may be an increase in diseases such as cholera that will adversely affect human health due to climate change.” Pointing out that temperature increases will also affect water resources, Yetiş said, “The possible consequences of climate change are mainly considered in relation to the amount of water. However, water quality problems are also important in relation to the amount of water. the title must be taken together. ” he said.

AK Party spokesman Steel: No Date unfounded yaklaşımtürki to

Watchmaker is that only the subject of diplomacy is not a national issue of climate change, said cross-border in Turkey or form the boundary that the five watersheds and in this basin noted that the water potential constitutes approximately 39 percent of the total water in the country.

Giving information about their work on water, Saatçi stated that they presented their results to decision-makers.

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