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Sultan Mahmut I and III in 1750 in the Alaplı district of Zonguldak. The Ramazan cannon launched by Hacı Bin Saidi Hüseyin (Hacı Hüseyin), who came to the district from Istanbul during the period of Mustafa, was replaced by a sound bomb. . The 271-year-old tradition in the district is continued by Alaplı Municipality Police teams during sahur and iftar times. With the development of technology, the Ramadan ball tradition has been replaced by a sound bomb.

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After six security around the area will be taken of Ramadan cannon and fire extinguishers contain teams, take strict precautions against a possible accident that may occur. The teams coming to the area where the shooting will take place before iftar and sahur start the fuse at the exact time after completing their preparations. Citizens, who heard the Ramadan ball exploding loudly so that it can be heard from everywhere and the sound of the call to prayer, open their iftar. With the development of technology, now, municipalities are trying to keep the nostalgic tradition alive by blowing up such services with sound bombs. in cases ceiling yaptıtürki to

continues in Ramadan traditions and customs of our district as it is everywhere. sound bombs released together with the development of the technology in 1990. so far, at the time of iftar Coast landfills or together with the prayer read by police teams from Ataturk park sound grenades p circumvented. Citizens who want to open their iftar with the sound of cannon are waiting at the doors and windows during iftar hour in our district.

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