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Within the scope of the joint investigation carried out by the Izmir and Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, 459 of whom were found to be included in the organizational communication network specific to the terrorist organization by searching in accordance with the organizational communication model of FETÖ, and some of whom had evidence such as confessors that they were members of the organization, 532 active members. operations were launched against individuals.

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In the study conducted in 62 provinces based in Izmir and Istanbul, the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, 61 of them the Gendarmerie General Command, 122 of the Land Forces Command, 30 of the Air Force Command, 22 of them Naval Forces Command, 1 Coast Guard Command, 22 of them belong to the Ministry of National Defense, 4 colonels, 1 lieutenant colonel, 9 major, 24 captain, 32 lieutenant, 3 lieutenant, 142 ‘ Detention orders were issued for 258 suspects, including one non-commissioned officer, one specialist sergeant, 216 active-duty soldiers in total, and 42 military school students who were dismissed as soon as they attempted the coup.

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The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecution Office under investigation, 97 of the Gendarmerie General Command, 111 of the Land Forces Command, 16th Air Force, 19 members of the Navy 235 A decision was made to detain a total of 274 people, including 243 suspects, including non-commissioned officers, 8 specialist sergeants, and 31 military school students who were dismissed after the coup attempt.

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