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According to the data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the number of viruses detected increased by 57 thousand 908 in one day to 32 million 290 thousand 175. The number of people who died due to Kovid-19 increased by 856 and recorded as 575 thousand 199. followed by Florida with more cases.

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In terms of the number of casualties, California ranks first with 61 thousand 672, the number of deaths in New York 52 thousand 209 and 50 thousand 164 in Texas.

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which tracks the Kovid-19 vaccination statistics in the USA, the first dose for more than 143 million people, more than 99 million people. The second dose of Kovid-19 vaccine was administered. The USA, which ranks first in the world in the number of cases and deaths in the epidemic, is followed by India with more than 18 million 762 thousand cases and Brazil with more than 14 million 590 thousand cases. Brazil is followed by Mexico with more than 216 thousand deaths.

The number of deaths exceeded 208 thousand in India, the second country with rapidly increasing daily case numbers and with the highest number of cases.

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