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The incident took place at around 11.30 in the central district of Meram, in the Evliyatekke District, formerly a village. When Hüseyin K. and Hüseyin Kayabaşı, who lived in the same neighborhood and had hostility between them, met on the mountainous land where they grazed sheep.

After the discussion that started over the sheep grazing place turned into a fight, Hüseyin K., with a shotgun, Hüseyin Kayabaşı and his son Osman He opened fire on Kayabaşı. While the father and his son fell to the ground in blood, Hüseyin K. also fled the scene.

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Palanga broke off! It fell from the 5th floor like this! Turkey

It was determined that Osman Kayabaşı lost his life in the control made by the health officials who came to the region upon the notice of the people around. Hüseyin Kayabaşı died in an ambulance while he was taken to the hospital.

Hüseyin K. was immediately caught and detained by the gendarmerie teams in a short time.

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