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Construction worker Ahmet Uzun (38), who was thrown into the sea by a mentally disabled person from Galata Bridge for an unknown reason, died after drowning. The police caught the suspect Serkan A. It was learned that Serkan A, with whom Serkan A. and Uzun had not known each other before but for an unknown reason had argued for a while, after hitting Uzun’s leg, he fell to the ground and threw it into the sea and watched what was happening at the scene. the day is getting bigger! Rabia is waiting for helpTurkey


According to Yunus Emre Kavak’s report; It turned out that the person who died in the incident was Ahmet Uzun, who came to Istanbul to work in construction 2 years ago. It was seen that Uzun made the comment “Live fast, die young” on the photo he shared on social media before he died.

The incident took place at the intersection of Kadıköy pier and Galata Bridge on April 22 at 19.25 in Eminönü. Allegedly, police teams, who received the notice that a person was pushed into the sea on the beach and that the people around were trying to rescue, were sent to the scene together with the marine police, Coast Guard and medical teams. The medical teams who came to the scene determined that Ahmet Uzun, who was taken out of the sea by the police, lost his life.

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The police, who received information from the people and eyewitnesses, were held by Serkan A. received the information that he was thrown. A.A. and Y.K, who was still watching what happened at the time and who was found to be mentally disabled, detained Serkan A. Serkan A., who was taken into custody by the security forces, was taken to the police station to be testified. In his statement at the police station, the suspect said, “I was not there at the time of the incident. I arrived at the scene when Ahmet Uzun’s body was removed. I do not accept the accusations put on me.” While being sent to prison, an investigation was initiated by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Police violence against 2 young people who joined the illegal party The body of Ahmet Uzun, who learned that he came to Istanbul and settled in order to settle, was buried in his hometown Ordu. It was seen that Ahmet Uzun shared a photo with the comment ‘Live fast, die young’ in his last post on his social media account before he died.

Source: Sabah

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